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MoroccoSince the beginning of time there have been many ways to treat the skin and equally as many to treat hair. Cleopatra was known to bathe in ass’s milk. Wonder what she smelled like though! It’s such a pity that she didn’t know about Pure Moroccan Argan oil. Moroccan Argan oil has intensive moisturising qualities which leave skin, smooth, supple and radiant. There is no better way to moisturise the skin prior to a bath or shower and for added intensity reapply after you’ve washed.

Finest Moisturiser

I would go as far as to say that Pure Argan Oil which is grown in the semi-desert region of Morocco is the finest moisturising oil currently attainable on the global beauty market. It is oil which is extracted from the fruit of the Argania Spinosa tree which lends it the name of Argan oil. This oil is so pure and so mild that it is an excellent cleanser as well as moisturiser.

Moroccan Berbers have been using Argan oil for hundreds of years to condition their hair and skin and they should know what they’re talking about in the very arid, punishing climate of the desert, where the sun beats down all day.

Natural Formula

Pure Argan oil is a natural formula and not man made so you never have to worry about chemical products, preservatives or additives coming into contact with your skin. You’ll find that a few drops are all you’d need on a daily basis to keep your skin radiant and your hair in brilliant condition.

Hair Use

Pure Argan oil reduces the frizz in afro hair and very thick, wavy hair for women and with very fine hair it not only conditions their scalp but if they are using hair irons and blow drying hair on a daily basis it restores condition and shine, to what can sometimes result in a mess from overheated hair.

As there are no chemicals then you know that it is a purely natural product that you are applying to the hair and it will leave the condition in; rather than taking anything out.

Radiant SkinRadiant Skin

Radiant skin is indeed achievable with Pure Argan Oil. All you need to do if you are applying the oil after bathing is exfoliate the skin using a loofah or muslin cloth, use your favourite soap or body wash whilst doing this. Then once you’ve patted your skin dry with a fluffy towel. Apply Pure Argan oil to the palms of your hands and gently massage the face, neck, décolletage and proceed to smooth and rub gently all over your body. Believe me you’ll feel as though you’ve been kissed from head to toe.

This rare, miraculous nut oil is also an excellent balm for those post-pregnancy stretch marks. Its anti -inflammatory qualities will soothe and eliminate the redness associated with stretching and in only a few days you’ll notice a reduction in the redness and your skin will return to normal. You won’t ever be the same again after baby but you certainly will feel better with what Argan oil can do for you.

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